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So, here you are looking at the first update of the site which will follow my movements at home and abroad. I suppose some background would be useful:

I've been accepted to a participate in the excavation of a medieval castle in Belgium over the summer. I found the program in an email from the Honors Program here at UI and started drooling at the first mention of "castle." I had the application done in record time and spent a couple months sitting on my hands twitching-- until I found out I'd been added to the team. There are about a dozen of us, from all over the US and one from Ireland, and we cover the class spectrum from freshmen to seniors. Most of us are directly connected to anthropology or history by major/minor, but we have a neuroscience/pre-med, an art major, and someone in communication studies too.

Right now I'm trying to finish up the required paper work from my school, after having done the paper work for the host school (Eastern Illinois University) and their partner overseas. For more information on the hoops the bureaucracy has me jumping through, make an inquiry and take a number ;)


Blogger Lauren said...

3 things Rob:

1) That is AWESOME! That sounds like the perfect adventure for you to go on. I can't wait to see pictures--lots of them!

2) here's my blog address, so you know:

and last but not least...

3) BWAHAHAHA! I have deflowered your blog!

I love ya Rob, even though you steal ink from people! ;)


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