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Greetings to everyone who recieved my recent email announcement; I hope you return to this page often, and feel free to drop me a line RE this project or just to say hi :)

Today I have compensated for a system glitch that cost me a piece of paperwork and return postage; why use USPS when a fax will do the job faster? Well, because I enjoy the old-fashioned "lick-me" stamps and envelopes for one. However-- we live in a modern age, which is to say-- an age of progress, efficiency and order. Hello Xerox, Internet, and Big Brother!

I am very close to finishing all the required paper work from both of the Universities (UI and EIU). Once the consortium agreement is faxed back, and after I talk to my advisors about credit equivalency-- I should be set. Next step: Look into getting an international student ID and solidifying travel plans.


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You can get an International Student ID at the study abroad office or this website:

Also, you can get some very good airline deals with an ISIC card at

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