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Paris dans l’ete...

C’est un mal voyage. It was not horrible in any major fashion, but off-putting overall-- I can now recommend from experience NOT to go to Paris in summer time. There are too many people-- particularly tourists; there is too much to see in a weekend (much less an afternoon); and it is too hot out-- you will sweat like a pig in lines, climbing stairs, and just staring dumbly at the stunning array of things happening around you.

That said-- I did enjoy seeing some of the famous sights again, and some of the others for the first time. We drove through the Champs Elysee several times, passed the Louvre, le Jardin de Tullieres, and the Place de la Concorde. There was also a boat trip on the Seine, which afforded nice views but was very warm and lacked refreshments. Notre Dame looked stunning in the sunlight-- the renovations and restorations of 7 years ago having finished well. I got to climb up the hill of Monmartre and visit the Sacre Couer, which was on my “list of things to do in Paris.” It has been moved to the “list of things I’ve done in Paris,” and I will be accepting suggestions for a replacement activity for the former queu.


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