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But Dr. Jones...

I am now on the ground in Belgium: It is very warm (unseasonably, for the locals) but about avg. for Tri-cities (read 80s-90s). Europe has problems with technology-- namely, their keyboards are laid out oddly, and even greater-- their internet is not nearly as good as ours (very inaccessible, and/or for a price). I have finally got my machine connected and decided I had better get cracking on this blogging business.

The castle is very picturesque-- but I haven't taken pictures yet. It is VERY dirty work. We are excavating in two trenches on the northwest wall on the inside of the castle (in the bailey). There is a big tower (donjon) which is mostly intact, and three smaller towers on the wall that are more decayed. The northeast wall is pretty much gone, as well as the gate and its two towers. Most of the smooth stones that clad all the walls have been removed, so the exposed rocks are very jagged, and prone to falling.

So far the work is mostly uncovering the cobbles of the courtyard and locating walls of collapsed buildings near the outer walls. There is alot of dirt and dust but it is rewarading to be able to see the rocks that no one else has seen for decades or centuries :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You call him Dr. Jones, Doll!

lov.e ya!

11:26 AM  
Anonymous Mom said...

Yay! You were able to get some stuff posted! Nice to see the photo's. Looking forward to more. I'll talk to Mimi and have her get Grandma G. on when she gets back.
Love from the Big G.

11:50 AM  

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