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here comes the sun...

It is now officially summer in this province of Idaho-- we broke a 60-year-old heat-record earlier this week.

I am very close to being completely moved into my new (and much smaller) apartment-- unfortunately it is prone to heating up in the warm weather, into the upper 80s on a hot day >.< But I'm a college student, and with everyone gone for the summer there are whole buildings with full A/C, power, internet, and other amenities sitting empty up on campus. Did I mention I finally found out where the swimming pool is?

Summer classes have started up and I'm I've barely skipped a beat from one term to the next. Mind you, it is quite busy and I find I am still not getting all the sleep I want or having free-time for all those other projects I'd like to work on (like putting up pictures here, organizing art supplies, and drawing comics...).

A huge thank you to those of you who have contributed funding toward the Adventure-- I am able to cover the plane-tickets to and from Europe and most of my travel costs before and after the program. Your support is greatly appreciated, and I can't emphasize this enough.

I hope the weather is fine and your company pleasant, ciao for now :)


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