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Fear not

I am still alive-- the paper work is still in progress, the itenerary details are still tentative, and Final Exams week is approaching fast. I've been well, been ill, finished two paintings and a series of intaglio prints, and gotten appointed to lead the Artists and Designers club for next year. It's not even May yet!

I will try to have some pictures posted on this page in another week, as I find time between final projects. Much of my time is devoted to sleeping and biking around in the warming weather (mmm... Spring).

With school almost out for summer, it's almost time to start summer school! There is no rest for the wicked :D I am taking 5 credits before I run off to Belgium-- where working on the castle will get me 4 more credits (which count toward the history minor I just added to my degree). My painting class has a final exhibition next Tuesday, print-making is done tomorrow (I'll be up late tonight finishing a few pieces...). I am actually looking forward to my art history/theory finals-- one is a group project and the other is a pair of short essay questions on Surrealism.

Yesterday I discovered another "registration fee" from the Study Abroad office-- darn hidden charges! I also got an International Student ID, and found out why the paperwork hasn't been finished yet (the program office @ EIU hasn't posted final tuition totals for the program).

In other news, the weather has improved significantly and I've got the keys to my next apartment. Woohoo!


Anonymous Kristian Satterlee said...

Since you're taking all these summer classes I was wondering...When are you going to Graduate? Earlier than 4 years or 4 years or later? Or don't know yet?

11:12 AM  
Blogger rob said...

Sorry for the delay-- I don't know when I'm going to graduate. I think within 3 years-- I realize I've been in school for 2 years with no summer break (I take more classes instead :D By the end of next fall I'll have 95 credits, senior status, and be done with all the basic requirements, mwahahahaa!

10:49 AM  

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