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December 2008: Graduated from university January 2009: started getting sick December 2009: worked on beating cancer January 2010: TBA

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when & where...

A) Pasco - Salt Lake - Atlanta - Brussels - Hamburg
B) Pasco - Salt Lake - Atlanta - Copenhagen
C) Pasco - Salt Lake - Atlanta - Amsterdam - Hamburg
D) Pasco - Salt Lake - Atlanta - Barcelona - Copenhagen - Dusseldorf - Hamburg
E) Pasco - Salt Lake - Cincinatti - JFK - Brussels - Hamburg

Pick your favorite & send me your choice-- whichever gets more votes will be my departure route :D


on your mark...

I got invited on a sort of spur of the moment trip to Seattle to attend a concert and participate in a field day last weekend. The accordian player was pretty good, and when you get a couple hundred people in a park playing a variant of capture the flag with tomatoes instead of flags-- the results can be quite amusing (and messy). Google Jason Webley & Camp Tomato if this sounds like something up your alley.

I was somewhat reticent to take off on a side-trip in the middle of classes and knowing full well that Europe is only a few weeks away. In retrospect, it was a fantastic idea: I got to meet a lot of neat people and it was an exercise of will to forget about homework for a couple of days and just relax.

Following that I came home and got sick. Not direly ill-- but for a "cold" it has been pretty severe. Hopefully it'll wrap up in another day or two..