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December 2008: Graduated from university January 2009: started getting sick December 2009: worked on beating cancer January 2010: TBA

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last week I had the pleasure of assisting a local artist as she performed a major installation at the Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane, WA. what that means is that I spent two and a half days on that mobile orange scaffolding, pounding nails into the ceiling and tying bits of wire to them. surprisingly, my neck has not suffered at all-- other health issues have happily made up for this small bit of luck, though.

off hours, I stayed with some of my mom's friends-- who, happily, had this T-Rex to guard the car while I slept.

I spent alot of time at Auntie's and Boo Radley's in downtown, took myself out to dinner a couple times, and generally loafed about-- what follows are a few highlights of my lack of productivity.

this image is dedicated to Trade Channel ( "/2," on WoW servers everywhere).

and this next image is for my friend Windowdoom:

finally this is a gratuitous image of some frogs that Jen and I found at Fred Meyer while looking for flowers and pie.


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