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to Turner, Picasso and Louise Bourgeois

a professor at school had the idea of running a field trip to see a couple of exhibitions this fall, but the plan fell through-- except the square that I was standing on because of the sheer audacity and amazing powers of persuasion... and a little help from my friends. taking-off on Wednesday the 17th, I headed for New York City, returning to Moscow on Sunday the 21st. besides, if I was in Manhattan I could use the opportunity to check in with the Guggenheim's internship program and see how much I'm willing to sell my soul for... and see more art!


Anonymous Douglass Montrose-Graem said...

You are cordially invited to visit
The Turner Museum
for a unique Turner experience

Douglass Montrose-Graem
Founder in 1973
The Turner Museum

4:05 PM  

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