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there and back again

I had the opportunity to travel to Couer d'Alene last week and do some sightseeing, engage in recreation and otherwise enjoy myself. Here's some of the photos, with more elaboration to come..

this is Charlie, who belongs to Amy (see "art of rob"). he is a gentleman and rarely raises his voice, uses violence against plushy chew-toys only, and is careful about where he conducts his business.

over the four days of trip, this was the view from my "seat" in back of the jeep (ridiculous fun, but I wasn't taking chances and had both hands on something sturdy the whole time). Jasmine is in the pilot's spot and you can just see Allison sitting in the navigator's station.

looking out at a gorgeous Lake Pend Oreille from where we took a dip after an afternoon disc golfing around Farragut State Park (aka hiking, throwing discs, getting them stuck in trees, getting them out of trees, and hiking around in search of drinking water). it was a refreshing swim; I'd guess the temp out of the water was 80-85 (shadow vs sun) and the water was probably 68 degrees (all in Fahrenheit).

working title for this one is "girl with the silver earring."

this is the entrance to the branch offices of ALSC Architects in down-town CdA's "Old City Hall Building." I stopped by and talked with the architect who happened to be in that afternoon-- a former UI grad who was on a team that I interacted with during the course of a feasibility study from March-June at the College of Art and Architecture. kudos to you Arlan!


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