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late last night I went to the last of the major bars on Main St. which I had not yet been in. a couple of friends came by my apartment after we closed the theatre, and, following various shenanigans (including a troupe of bag-pipers) we ended up going to see one of their associates from the Theatre Dept. who works behind the bar at CJ's. I was appropriately attired in black with extra black and some black shoes to match. nonetheless-- I was definitely out of my league. lets face it: I do not belong in bars with the rest of my age group. I have no significant aversions to pool, drinking, music and even smoking a bit-- but where they crowd into black cave-like spaces to gorge on cheap beer and loud hip-hop, I would prefer a less noisy environment with an exceptionally high dress code and ball-room attached. can you say "retire to the parlor for billiards and cigars?" anyhow, you can see the pictures here.