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Malice in the Trenches

*This post was written two days ago, and not published due to "end of the dig festivities"

It was upper 80s to 90s at the site today; the tension is high as it comes down to the last few days of work.

Some of the crew have exhibited advanced symptoms of “trench fever,” which affects the humor centers of the brain-- giggling, non-sequiturs, and nervous twitching are indicative. Most of us are ready to quit digging and go home for a couple of months of rest until school starts (or a couple of weeks, as in my case). While the team spirit is still with us, it has been dampened: everyone on this adventure is “a character” and some are more or less compatible with others. This is mostly funny, but it is wearing off and becoming more obnoxious.

If my wrists don’t decide to curl up and die tonight, I think I can survive another three days. Too much crouching in a small hole looking for the bottom of a wall built in the 1300s is taking it’s toll on my corporal self. We struck the tents today, after a grueling race to finish excavating the deeper sectors in search of foundations, artifacts, and anything out of the ordinary (like that pile of hardened clay under the cobbles in the southeast corner of Area II...).

Jamie was ill the last two days, but came back and brought her laptop to play some music. Malice Mizer’s “Illuminati” was a featured tune, since Dr. Young’s hypothesis of conspiracies and triangle shaped rocks has gotten much air time in the last few weeks.


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