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Part III: famous fountains and piazzas [wednesday]

Where the hell is San Sebastiano?
Hiking through the outskirts of Rome; nice trees...
On the bus, again
Look at the BONES!@#$
hanging out in Barberini square
I love fountains, and some are potable, too
through the back door w/ Matt
A word on tour agencies: Find small group tours with knowledgeable guides who don’t carry flags and will drink wine with you :)

Part IV: ...and Col. Sanders! [thursday]

the Obelisk
Our guide annoys me
...and another dead guy in a box.
Swiss Gaurds & “NO CAMERA!”
Vatican Postal Service rocks my socks
no lines for the awesome stuff: Going to Musei Vaticani
Very cool, not so cool
Where’d everybody go?
Dinner and a photoshoot



Blogger greg said...

Did you see the Bank of the Holy Spirit? Gotta love Vatican City.

Rome and Pompei look great and I am glad you are having authentic experiences such as the drive in the cab.

Your posts from Italy make me miss it dearly.

P.S. Love the photos too.

10:52 AM  

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