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Tomorrow becomes today



I finally got to sleep around 1am after packing up most of my stuff. I really don’t have alot with me on this trip-- but after carrying it around for a few hours, I have grown tired of it. That’s right-- I’m still in Rome. 

When we got to the airport a bit before 8am, I was introduced to a huge mass of travelers and an understaffed and poorly informed crew of Delta employees. The upshot is this: there have been 2-3 planes cancelled in the last two days, the internet is not reliable, and neither is Delta. I met a number of interesting folks; a couple young ladies also on standby trying to reach Atlanta, Eddy-- from Brazil, Dave-- probably taking a train to Munich by now, and a random Australian waiting for a friend on one of the delayed planes.

In another 45 minutes I will go find another pay phone and see if my agents have found anything for me. I’ll probably be camping out in front of a check-in booth tonight (or maybe in or on one..). Hope your morning commute was better than mine :)

If you ever go to Rome-- avoid the airport at all costs. The Detla staff haven't been much help-- I suppose some of it could be the language barrier, but mostly it's my standby-passenger status. Several other flights had been delayed or cancelled in the last few days, so there was a literal horde camping out at the gates waiting to get on any plane.

Right now I am holed up in a hotel not far from the airport, which has many amenities (including this internet connection). My reservation gets me breakfast, and I will probably cart some off for snacking in the queus. It's about 10pm over here, I am going to go brush my teeth, pray for all my lost traveling brethren, and hit the sack.


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