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the Day after Tomorrow...


Similar story-- only I got a hotel room with the random Brazilian (Eddy, from Naples Florida) who also happens to work for Delta back in the U.S. He was able to place a call to a co-worker who listed me for a flight tomorrow afternoon. I’m still going to get up at 7am and have breakfast and get to the airport at 8:30-ish, but hopefully I’ll make it into the flight this time. If I don’t-- I know where to go for a decent nights sleep.

I gave mom and dad the # of my hotel and my room, so I’ve heard from them recently. Right now I’m kicking back watching the news-- in Italian. We also get MTV, in Italian; I saw some “Smallville” in German; and some 1950s/60s programming in Spanish. CNN gives me a dose of English, and keeps me up to date on the current Middle Eastern conflict. Check out “” for another view on that issue.

This evening saw us out for dinner around 5:30pm, except the Italians don't start eating until 7:30pm at the earliest. The hotel receptionist said there was only a bar up the street, but we stumbled upon a closed restaurant and then a small cafe and a tiney grocery store. Looks like bread, salami, Philidelphia Cream Cheese, and a liter of pineapple juice is what's for dinner. If I'm stuck here for another day or two, at least I know where I can get supplies :)

PS: Eddy has met three hot chicks in the last couple days-- and coincidentally they were all from Candada. Although he’s trying to get to Brazil to visit family, he’s considering re-routing through Toronto...


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