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Portland, OR

Greetings to all my faithful readers;

I just got back from a sort of field trip to Portland, Oregon, subsidized by the University Honors Program. Friday night's entertainment had a bit of a hiccup (they had no record of the ticket transaction), but we got in and saw a great show-- Ovid's Metamorphoses retold with a few modernizations and an incredible set. After the play most of us (around 15 people) walked back to the neighborhood of the hotel and found a late-night cafe that serves tea, pastries, and gelato. It turned out that the hotel we stayed in was also within a block of Powell's-- one of the most famous booksellers in the city. I picked up a couple tomes I've been after for some time-- at a good price, no less.

Much of my time on this trip was spent behind the lens of a really nice camera that a friend of mine lent me. It may not use film, but a Canon Rebel XLT is a good tool to have. If this trip has emphasized anything, it's the fact that I need to start searching for a nice digital camera: to wit-- I took over 300 shots over the course of three days, and while they're not the greatest photos ever, some of them are pretty good. I lucked out and had three days of sunny 75 degree weather to work with, too. My travel companions were also very freindly and quite photogenic; I took as many pictures of landscape as I did people-- which is not really my norm (although I do like portraiture alot).


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