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Adventure in Ostia (from “The Lost Years of Robert Harder)


My life is starting to sound like a Bond movie from Hell.

“...elite world traveling super artist/archeologist, Harder (Rob Harder) is trapped in the most devious contraption he has faced yet. The Roman Airport “Leonardo Da Vinci” at Fulmicino; constructed by the nefarious...”

On the other hand, I discovered that the road my hotel is on gets you no-where if you’re on foot. It isn’t exactly isolated (there are several bars and small shops within a few blocks) but after that, you really need a bus, car, or bike to get anywhere. There is NO shoulder to speak of on pretty much any street/road over here. Contrast that to where I grew up, with shoulders and ditches and space for a fleet of vehicles big and small. I ended up getting on a bus that took me back to the airport, where I then waited for an hour to get on the bus that would take me past my hotel.

I keep spotting jets out of the corner of my eye; mostly they are flying-- I think more were going away than landing. They look beautiful with the sun sparkling across the hull and wings. I wish I was on one.

The hotel in question:

“The way is SHUT.”

That’s a “no-no”


Blogger Kim Russo said...

Poor Rob. Rob needs to destress. Rob needs rum, we have lots.

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